Make Your Own Silver Spinning Pendant Necklace Kit

Make Your Own Silver Spinning Pendant Necklace Kit
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Product Description

Make your own silver spinning pendant photo necklace! Outer frame stays stationary while inner frame spins to show a photo on each side! This necklace is a very popular gift for Mother's day and birthdays. It is a larger necklace so it is great for older people who may not be able to see as well, but it is also very classy and fashionable at the same time.

This particular kit comes with a plastic sleeve insert to cover photos. The photos can be changed at any time.

Kit includes:

- Silver spinning pendant with room for two photos (one on each side)

- Plastic sleeve inserts for protecting photos

- Matching thick metal rope-like chain (approx length 20 in.)

- EZ Resizer software (a $19.99 value!) with preset sizes to make it easy to turn your photos into the perfect size for printing for your pendant.