DIY Photo Purse Hook Kit

DIY Photo Purse Hook Kit
Item# diy-photo-purse-hook

Product Description

Do you set your purse on the floor when you're out for dinner at a restaurant? What about in a bathroom with no purse hook? Sometimes there simply isn't a place for our purses, and we are forced to set them on the dirty, grimy, floor of public places. Well no more! Hang your purse safely above the ground with this custom photo purse hook! It's light enough to conveniently carry with you everywhere, but durable and sturdy enough to hold up to 30 pounds for all the stuff you've got to have with you at all times (it can get heavy!) Use a photo of your kids, a logo, your boyfriend, your husband, your pet, anything you want really, to make a one-of-a-kind purse hook. Sits on the edge of any table or surface with a flat edge up to two inches thick. All your friends will be jealous and sorry that they are still putting their purses on the floor. :)

Photo purse hanger kit includes:

-One nickel tone purse hook blank

- Clear covering liquid to seal photos into purse hook blank with a permanent, durable, long-lasting finish

- Mixing cups

- High gloss photo paper

- Glue

- EZ Resizer software (a $19.99 value!) with preset sizes to make it easy to turn your photos into the perfect size for printing for your photo purse hook.